27 July 2007



Full Report





Regarding the third periodic report submitted by Sudan, the Committee welcomed the signature of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (2005), which contributed significantly to ending multiple, serious violations of the Covenant. It also welcomed the Interim National Constitution (2005), the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan (2005) and the Darfur Peace Agreement (2006), as well as the continued efforts to find sustainable peace in Darfur. The Committee also took note of the new Law of political parties (2007).

Among the principal subjects of concern, the Committee regretted that the rights protected by the Covenant had not been fully incorporated into domestic law. It remained concerned over Sudan's ability to prosecute and punish war crimes or crimes against humanity committed in Darfur. The Committee noted with concern that the Sudanese authorities had not carried out any exhaustive, independent appraisal of serious violations of human rights committed in the territory of Sudan and in particular in Darfur. It also noted with concern the scale of values applied to punishment and noted that corporal punishment including flogging and amputation was considered inhuman and degrading. Further, the Committee was also concerned about the persistent pattern of discrimination against women in legislation and the persistent violence against women; the many cases of rape in Darfur; the fact that women did not trust the police; the persistence of female genital mutilation; and the small number of children who had actually been demobilized. Also, the imposition of the death penalty for offences that could not be characterized as the most serious, for practices that should not be criminalized and its imposition to individuals aged under 18, was incompatible with the Covenant.

The Committee recommended that Sudan should deploy all the human and material resources required to hold within the prescribed time limit the referendum provided for by the Interim National Constitution. It should also take all appropriate steps, including cooperation with the International Criminal Court, to ensure that all human rights violations brought to its attention were investigated, and that those responsible for such violations, including State agents and militia members, were prosecuted at national or international level and ensure that no financial support or material was channelled to militias that engaged in ethnic cleansing or the deliberate targeting of civilians. Further Sudan should also undertake to abolish all immunity of the police, armed and national security forces; set up its efforts to raise popular awareness of women's rights, promote their participation in public affairs and ensure their education and access to employment; educate the police about violence against women; prohibit in its legislation the practice of female genital mutilation; stop all forms of slavery and abduction; and take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of humanitarian workers and facilitate their access to the beneficiaries of humanitarian aid. On the pressuring of reporters, Sudan should guarantee the exercise of freedom of the press and ensure that reporters were protected. It should also respect the right to express opinions and should protect peaceful demonstration and make sure that inquiries were mounted into the excessive use of force when demonstrations were dispersed. 


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