Bitusikova, Alexandra. 2005.

Women in Civic and Political Life in Slovakia

Banska Bystrica: Research Institute of Matej Bel University, ISBN 80-8083-181-5.


The publication Women in Civic and Political Life in Slovakia is a final product of a part of the European Commission’s project “Enlargement, Gender and Governance: The Civic and Political Participation and Representation of Women in the EU Candidate Countries”. The book considers the impact of democratisation and EU enlargement on the development of equality policies and legislation in Slovakia. The author examines the extent to which representative institutions and other organisations (such as political parties, trade unions, NGOs and social movements) encourage women's participation and representation in political decision-making and governance in the country. By looking at how the history of communist rule has affected women's current political position, the publication provides recommendations to the Commission and national governments in order to underpin effective future policy-making.


Contents: Guest Introduction  (Barbara Einhorn) – State of Art: From the History to State Socialism and to Democracy Building – Female Visibility – Women in Civil Society in Slovakia – Implementation of Equality Acquis – Barriers to Women´s Political Participation and Representation – Gender Mainstreaming.


Author: Alexandra Bitusikova received her PhD in social anthropology from Comenius University in Bratislava. She is a senior researcher at the Research Institute of Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. She is the author of Urban Anthropology: Tendencies and Perspectives, and a number of publications focused on post-socialist social and cultural change in Central Europe, identities, minorities and gender.


The publication Women in Political and Civic Life in Slovakia can be ordered at the address:

Ustav vedy a vyskumu (Research Institute)

Matej Bel University

Cesta na amfiteater 1

974 01 Banska Bystrica

Slovak Republic

Or via e-mail: alexandra.bitusikova@umb.sk


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