Dedicated to The Girl Child Soldier



Little girl, hidden in the bush,

Why arenít you with your mother today?

Little boy, so far from home,

Who put that gun in your hand?

Child soldiers, what do you understand

Of rebelsí causes and governments,

Broken cease-fires and armaments?


You only know you are a slave

For sex, or killing, or running away.

You are here to fight and die

For adults who never tell you why

As they steal your childhood away.


Your uniform should be some schoolís;

You should sleep safe in a fresh, clean bed,

No horrors to torment or numb you,

As Motherís song sings in your head.


Oh, children! May you find a home,

Where you remember how to play!

May you recall times before it all

Came undone on an evil day

When soldiers carried you away.




Dr. Carole R. Fontaine

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