Outskirts: Feminisms Along the Edge

Call for Papers

Special Issue: Feminist Engagements in Other Places

November 2007

Ed. Lyn Parker and Laura Dales

This issue of Outskirts looks to address feminist engagement in “Other Places” and to engage with ideas of feminism that cross national or other borders. Our aim is to explore the implications of feminist analyses for both the societies and the women who feature in the studies, and for the researchers and feminist theories that drive analyses. We seek to examine some of the particular methodologies employed by feminists doing social and cultural research. A self-reflexive examination of feminist methodologies produces questions of representation, inclusiveness and agency, and it is these themes we look to advance in this edition.

Of particular interest are papers dealing with:

  • Feminisms and feminists in Asia
  • Discussions of the scope and borders of feminist methodologies and theories
  • Ethnographic engagements with feminism, especially among non-native English speakers researching English-speaking communities
  • Feminist movements and social change

Abstracts welcome any time; deadline for submission of papers is end of June 2007.

For further information, or to submit a paper, please contact:

Assoc Prof Lyn Parker lparker@arts.uwa.edu.au
Laura Dales laura.dales@unisa.edu.au

For further information about submitting to Outskirts, see http://www.chloe.uwa.edu.au/outskirts/submissions

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