Starting MARCH 30th 2007, the Women's Worlds Congress is officially open for submissions, registration and applications. We want to remind you that proposals may be submitted either in English or Spanish. We are open to ALL proposals with a gender approach. Our aim is to congregate a large number of people from around the World interested in social justice for women. The second edition of our Web site is available on the internet.(www.mmww08.org) 2007. 
Please, contact us if you have any questions.
                Our MMWW08 team and I send you our warmest regards and enthusiastically await your contributions.

Women's Worlds Congress 2008 - Madrid, Spain

Mundos de Mujeres / Women's Worlds 2008 is open to proposals in ALL fields and themes related to women, gender and sexuality in contemporary societies, as well as historically. However, we have established some thematic guidelines to facilitate classification of proposals for the congress final program. We are placing a special emphasis on two central themes: violence and migrations, but these themes are by no means the only ones to be addressed at the conference. MMWW08 organizers will like to receive a wide variety of proposals in ALL fields of knowledge and working areas.

New Frontiers: Dares and Advancements

The experience of dislocation whether physical, conceptual or symbolic, affects women in specific ways. We have chosen three concepts to encompass the general theme of the congress: frontiers, dares and advancements, in order to address a wide range of themes, issues and disciplines that ought to be taken into account for a better understanding of the present world. On the one hand, the congress theme refers to physical dislocations as having to do with migration, illegal trafficking of women for sexual exploitation and slavery, cheap labour, racism, xenophobia and all forms of physical violence against women and those who are "in transit". On the other hand, it refers to imaginary and conceptual forms of dislocations and frontiers as having to do with survival mechanisms that women in extreme situations develop, many forms of conceptual dislocation and imaginary borders, "other worlds", the Internet and scientific revolutions that we are experiencing in the 21st century, new venues and ties among people who are fighting for gender equality and social justice around the World, new time/space frames, new feminist theoretical proposals, etc.

MMWW08 will be the ground for a deep and constructive analysis and an optimistic outlook at all the issues that affect women and have to do with feminist enterprises today.

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