Deadline - March 23, 2007.

International Scholars Fellowship Program
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The International Scholars Fellowship Program invites highly qualified scholars in the social sciences and humanities from around the world to teach and/or consult at selected university departments in the region. By sharing the latest developments in their discipline, introducing new courses in their host departments, and encouraging development of skills critical to academic discourse, the International Scholars (ISs) expose students and departmental colleagues to a range of new materials and methodologies.

AFP offers two opportunities for International Scholars, Nonresident and Resident:

For the academic year 2006–2007, AFP placed 4 resident ISs and 43 nonresident ISs in selected partner departments.


The competition for all AFP fellowships is merit-based, and priority is given to those candidates who most closely match the profile of an “ideal” AFP candidate. Specific eligibility factors for the International Scholars Fellowship include:

To Apply

Applications can be completed online and submitted via the Internet at https://oas.soros.org/oas/.

Paper applications can be downloaded below and submitted via regular mail, email, or fax. Paper and online applications are evaluated equally.

AFP offers two options for the International Scholar Fellowship Program. Please choose the correct application below according to the following instructions:


March 23, 2007.


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