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Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons , especially in women and children
Individual complaints

The Special Rapporteur takes action on violations committed against trafficked persons and on situations in which there has been a failure to protect their human rights, including ensuring adequate redress for the violations suffered and to provide adequate medical, psychological, social and other necessary assistance. The Special Rapporteur shall also take action in cases in which laws and/or policies might negatively impact of the human rights of trafficked persons, in countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as in cases in which efforts to combat or prevent trafficking might have an impact on the human rights of the persons concerned, be there migrants, asylum seekers, or all the citizens of the country/ies concerned. The Special Rapporteur shall also take action on cases of trafficking within the same country (internal trafficking).

The Special Rapporteur will send urgent appeals whenever she receives information indicating that in the context of trafficking an individual or a group of individual are facing an imminent or are suffering from a continuous human rights violation. Urgent appeals are of a humanitarian nature. Through them, the Special Rapporteur urgently warns the concerned government about a specific situation and requests it to inform her about measures taken to guarantee that the human rights of the persons concerned are fully respected.

Shall the Special Rapporteur receive information regarding violations of human rights in the context of trafficking that have happened in the past, she shall transmit her concerns and a summary of this information to the government/s concerned for clarification.

The Special Rapporteur would like to encourage all relevant actors and individuals to submit to her any reliable information they may possess with regard to situations of trafficking and relevant human rights violations. For this purpose the Special Rapporteur has developed this information sheet to facilitate the submission of information. Subsequently, the Special Rapporteur may decide to raise situations with Governments to request their comments and observations on the matter.


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