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Gender Research Network Launch Conference

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Call for Papers

Aims and Objectives

This interdisciplinary conference will address key debates around the theme of engendering politics and policy. Panels will take a comparative and international perspective on what it means to engender the political process and policy outcomes.

Key themes


We invite papers in the following areas (please see panel outlines for full details)

There is also an open stream for poster submissions on the general conference themes.


Abstracts for posters and full papers must be submitted via email to genderconference@manchester.ac.uk by 26 March 2007. No late submissions can be considered.


Claire Annesley and Kirstein Rummery, on behalf of the Gender Research Network, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester

Abstract submissions

Please read the panel outlines before submitting your abstract. The abstract should be emailed to genderconference@manchester.ac.uk (no attachments), and should contain the following information:

The deadline for abstract submissions is by 26 March 2007. No late submissions can be considered. Lead authors will be informed whether their paper has been accepted by the end of April. Negotiations about publication of a selection of papers with an international journal are underway: if authors wish to have their paper considered for publication they must submit a full draft of the paper prior to the conference.

To leave the list, send your request by email to: wunrn_listserve-request@lists.wunrn.com. Thank you.