The European Year of Equal Opportunities for All will be celebrated across the European Union in 2007 to draw the attention of European countries to the problems created by discrimination and the opportunities offered by diversity.

The Year will promote equal opportunities and raise awareness about the rights of everyone to equal treatment, and about the benefits of diversity. The celebration will be marked by hundreds of different activities staged throughout the European Union with all 27 EU Member States taking part. The main aim is to reach out to the general public and therefore most of the Year's activities will be held on a local, regional, or national level. This will be supported and complemented by several pan-European activities such as a campaign on European antidiscrimination policies and legislation or the presentation of the results of a Eurobarometer survey about European citizens' attitudes towards and knowledge discrimination and inequality issues.

The European Year of Equal Opportunities for All will be formally launched with a big opening conference in Berlin from January 30th-31st, chaired by the German Presidency.

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