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Greetings from the Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP)

Institute for Gender, Governance & Leadership


We are pleased to invite you to a training


Making Governance Gender Responsive (MGGR)

February 19-24, 2007

Manila , Philippines


The course is designed for parliamentarians, middle and senior level

government executives and officials, women and men in local governments,

political parties, research and training institutes and civil society

organizations and non-government organizations who are leading or

participating in governance reform initiatives in their respective



The objectives of the training are the following:


- Enhance their understanding of Gender and Development (GAD) and governance


- Gain appreciation of gender-related and governance issues and concerns;

- Identify gender biases in governance;

- Acquire skills in identifying and analyzing gender biases and concerns

through case examples of strategies and practices to address gender biases;

- Identify gender biases in the participant's sphere of influence-A Change

Management Approach; and

- Formulate Action Plans: Institutional and Individual


The course is composed of modules developed to enhance the participants'

understanding of the link between gender and governance as well as increase

their awareness of gender biases in governance.


This is the sixth (6th) time that we are offering this course in the last

two (2) years.  The five (5) batches of MGGR trainings were successfully

held last February, June, October of 2004 and January, October 2005 at the

CAPWIP Institute for Gender, Governance and Leadership (CIGGL) located at

Hostelling (HI) Manila, 4227-4229 Tomas Claudio Street, Baclaran, Paranaque

City, Philippines. These trainings were attended by participants from

different countries in Asia, Pacific, Africa and Europe.  In all the five

(5) trainings that we have conducted, the participants have continually

rated the training highly and useful for their organizations.


This training course has been revised and redesigned based on the feedback

from previous trainings. The course has been expanded to a six-day course

(originally designed for 3 days) and the course is now heavy on case studies

and field trips. The training is offered and designed for a small group of

about 25 to 30 participants.


The registration fee for the six-day training is US$1,500 for single room

accommodations and US$1,300 for twin room sharing accommodations (two

persons in one room). We are sending you the detailed information sheet and

registration form as an attachment to this email.  The training will be held

on February 19-24, 2007. However, the participants will be requested to be

in Manila the day before, February 18, 2007 and leave Manila only on

February 25, 2007. These extended stay are already included in the fee.


We hope that your organization can send participants to this training. Let

us join hands in promoting gender responsive governance through

transformative leadership and citizenship. We are looking forward to your



Sylvia M. Ordonez

Executive Director

Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP)


Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics

CAPWIP Institute for Gender, Governance & Leadership (CIGGL)

Hostelling International Manila, YSTAPHIL Building,

4227-4229 Tomas Claudio Street Baclaran, Para?aque City, Metro Manila,

Philippines Tel. (632) 8516934

Tele Fax :( 632) 8522112

Mobile +639189403711

E-mail:  trainings@capwip.org


Web: www.capwip.org






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