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The November 2007 issue of Gender & Development journal will look at gender, development and the media.


Articles in this issue could address the following:


·          How does the media reinforce / challenge gender stereotypes?

·          To what extent does the media continue to reflect ‘masculine’ interests, and present them as the norm?

·          Is there such a thing as ‘women’s journalism’?   Should there be?

·          Analysis of the treatment of sexual and gender-based violence in conflict and emergencies in the media.

·          NGOs working with the mass media to promote gender equality:   examples of what works (and what doesn’t).  

·          Women working in the media in the South.

·          New media and communication technologies:   gender and online journalism; the rise of the female blogger; the use of SMS / text messaging by NGOs as a campaign and advocacy tool; women’s access to new technologies and the internet.

·          Gender and cinema in the South.

·          How are globalisation and economic liberalisation altering the gender media landscape across the world?   Tensions between this and the rise of conservative and fundamentalist forces around gender and sexuality.

·          Development practitioner experiences of integrating gender into external and internal communications material.

·          Journalism training:   gender-sensitive (and diversity-sensitive) media training; encouraging women to enter the profession.  


If you would like to write on any of the above, or have other ideas that would make interesting articles on the theme of gender, development and the media, and would like to share your insights with your peers through Gender & Development , then please contact me, Joanna Hoare ( jhoare@oxfam.org.uk ) with a paragraph outlining your proposed idea, as soon as possible, and before the commissioning deadline: 26 January 2007 .


Commissioned articles will need to be completed for a deadline of 27 April 2007. Please note: a core part of my role, as Editor, is to help you produce your article. I have the time and energy for, and experience of, supporting busy people and those whose first language is not English. We particularly welcome contributions from first-time writers and will provide the necessary support for you to share your development experience and expertise through the journal.


For more information about Gender & Development, including guidelines for contributors, please visit http://www.oxfam.org.uk/what_we_do/issues/gender/gad/index.htm .


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Thank you, and best wishes,


Joanna Hoare
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