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International Women’s Day was first marked in 1911 in many countries to protest women’s working conditions. In 1977, the United Nations invited all member states to designate a day as International Women’s Day and today, in most countries around the world, it is celebrated on March 8. 


The Womens Centre of Hamilton, On. Canada is a not-for -profit organization that provides assistance and educational services to women from our city and the surrounding area. Last year alone, our Centre of five women employees and many volunteers, provided vital assistance to over 7,000 women in need through programs, workshops and peer support.


This year, the Womens Centre of Hamilton is celebrating International Womens Day 2007 by hosting Seeds of Hope- an interactive project that connects women support centres around the world.


We would like to invite your centre to participate in the Seeds of Hope project and join us in our effort to create recognition and celebration to honor this day of historical significance and to provide a voice for women’s ongoing endeavors for equity and freedom everywhere.


The Seeds of Hope project involves creating gardens throughout our city comprised of horticultural seeds donated from women support centres and groups from around the world. The Gardens of Hope, as they are named, will commemorate the day and represent the solidarity of women and our ability for growth, renewal, and peace. The gardens will also serve as a means of educational outreach-bringing knowledge of our centre to the public by getting our name and location at gardens sites in public places where people gather.


A second component of our project is to create a booklet of International Women’s Day Stories. Participating countries will be invited to share a brief description of the types of celebrations, if any, that take place in their country. The descriptions will be collated into a booklet that will be deposited at the garden site centres, and displayed on the day of celebration. A copy will also be given to each of the participating centres- in recognition and gratitude of their partnership on the project and as documentation of our international collectiveness.


 On March 8, 2007 our Centre will be celebrating International Women’s Day at an art gallery in our city-unveiling the gardens, the booklet and acknowledging the participating Women’s Centres.


Seeds of Hope represents a significant endeavor towards cooperative global action for women. We envision the Seeds of Hope project extending itself outwards so that in 2008 other nations might embark on sister Seeds of Hope projects in their own country, for which our centre would provide mentorship.  


If your centre is interested in participating in the Seeds of Hope 2007 project please e-mail our Centre as soon as possible stating:

Yes we are interested in participating in Seeds of Hope 2007 Project.


Please include your Full mailing address and contact info.


 Our Centre will follow up with interested participants and our certified horticulturist will request a packet of seeds specific to your region and safe to our eco-environment.


We thank you for your time, and we look forward to our correspondence with you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at or 905 522-8513


Our strength is in one voice.




Kelly Hilton

Project Coordinator


To leave the list, send your request by email to: Thank you.